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To Rebrand or not to Rebrand?

kandice04 - September 6, 2018 - 0 comments

At least once a month I get different clients asking me, should I rebrand?  While I could always say you betcha, take your money and set sail to the Bahamas, to rebrand your biz is not always the right thing to do.  There are many pros and cons on whether you should venture down the magical,  yellow brick road to rebranding.

To rebrand from Hey-ya Creative Design to Pixel Ink Paper Heart was a no-brainer for me.  Hey-ya began back in 2012 as my part-time, side hustle. The name was decided upon rather swiftly and was representative of my service offerings at the time. Being a little inexperienced at the time,  I chose a font that was so ‘on trend’ that it popped up on a Kmart print a few months after…..Consequently, it dated really quickly and so did my love for it.  It, unfortunately, went from a logo I once loved to a logo that I was embarrassed to hand out.  If you’ve been through the branding process with me in recent years you’ll have certainly heard me bang on about font choice and limiting colour and supporting graphical elements, but…it’s only because I care and I’ve been there, done that!

Since taking my biz full time two and a bit years ago I now offer my full range of services, my offerings have altered slightly and I have shifted my event stationery to Whole Lotta Love Event Stationery.  This, I see as a natural progression,  I’ve grown a hell of a lot as a creative and can no longer effectively market the two businesses under the same brand.  This is my rebrand story but if you’re toying with the rebrand beast I’ve put together some pros and cons lists to consider.

Reasons TO Rebrand

  • You no longer think your branding represents your brand vision

  • You cringe when you hand over your cards or have people visit you online

  • A change in your services or product offerings

  • To attract your ideal customer

  • To escape an unwanted reputation

  • Grossly outdated or poorly designed

  • Too similar to another brand

  • Merger or Dissolution

  • Geographical Changes

Reasons NOT to Rebrand

  • On a Whim

  • Your brand is attracting your ideal client

  • It can be expensive, be prepared to hand over the dollar, dollar bills

  • You don't have the time or resources to implement the brand

If you feel that a rebrand is where you’re headed and you’re already thinking that I’m your Dorothy to hold your hand and navigate the yellow brick rebrand road through to the Emerald City.  Please get in touch I’d love to hear from you.

Get started now!

Check me out.

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