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Let’s talk about print

kandice04 - February 28, 2019 - 0 comments

Let’s talk about print baby. Let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that maybe..


Let’s talk about print…c’mon now  (du duh)


I don’t mean whether print is dead or not (IMO It’s not, but that’s for another day) I mean let’s talk about the different cards stocks, printing styles and finishes.


A lot of prospective clients connect with me because they’ve received one of my existing clients, beautiful, luxurious, 600gsm, cotton cards, that have been hot foil stamped and they love them and want some for themselves. But is foil for everyone? No.  When I was semi-recently rebranding to Pixel Ink Paper Heart, I had in my mind and heart that I wanted matt gold foil or the holographic silver on the apricot blush. When it came to crunch time, ready to sign off and launch the foil just didn’t work. I was bummed, really bummed because I really wanted gold foil and while it would have looked amazing, it wasn’t the right choice.  All my design pieces worked so much better with black so, no flashy foil for me.  At the end of the day your design will most likely work for a few different styles of print and budgets.


What are you prepared to sacrifice to stick to a budget?


I usually give my clients 3 options


Option will eat only noodles without sauce for the rest of the year

Option can eat noodles + sauce

Option can eat noodles + sauce + drink


There is no right or wrong with how much you spend, and a great design should hold it’s own.  There are people like me who can help and make suggestions. For example if you came to me and you had an organic health food store, there’s no way I would recommend  a high gloss celloglaze with pink foil – that would be a very bad pairing.  Take some time to choose your card stocks, print styles and/or finishes.  And FYI a noodle without sauce diet is not always the right choice.


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