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Logo & Branding Identity

First impressions count. Period. If you want to connect with your dream customers, investing in a killer logo and brand identity is a no brainer.

At Pixel Ink Paper Heart, branding doesn’t begin and end with a logo. Branding identity runs the gamut from personality, feel, mood and colour to imagery, language and tone of voice. An exceptional brand should feel like a well oiled machine, all parts working consistently and seamlessly together, fluidly and functionally moving across platforms with the ability to adapt and grow while staying true to its core values.

By bringing a fresh outlook and approach, I will help you develop a distinct, unique voice for your business through your visual identity and brand collateral. Right on.

Graphic Design

Ready to take the next step on your business journey? There’s no late to the party when it comes to solid design concepts – I always have my party pants on standby and I am ready and raring to get down with your business.

I offer a range of design services, including flyers, business cards, gift vouchers, treatment menus, geo filters, annual reports, magazines, eBooks, tickets, signage and posters.

If it can be printed, I can design it. You know you want me.

Print & Packaging

Stationery addicts – walk this way!

Paper swatches and Pantone books and foil samples – oh my.

Ready to dive into my world of texture, finishes, gsm, celloglaze and impressions, but have no idea what any of those words actually mean? I wanna hold your hand and lead you deep into the rabbit hole of endless design possibilities and printing styles. Nothing beats seeing your design in print.

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Digital Content Creation

Videos, .gifs or humble .jpgs, I work with these formats all day, erry damn day. I create stylised social content in line with your style and brand personality. I’ll have your social channels and content looking so fine that Kim K will be hitting you up for tips.

Creative Campaigns

Got something to say, but don’t know how to? I’ve been there, run the campaign creation and bought the t-shirt. I know how it works and I love to collaborate with fellow creatives who are masters in their crafts, let me help you build a campaign that will have your competitors crying in their morning coffee.

Television and Radio Production

I began my creative journey as a producer. I then graduated to editing radio tracks and television commercials. I have working knowledge of pre-production, post-production, administration and distribution and I’m all about Australian advertising regulations. I’m no Spielberg, but I shoot the occasional footage on my DSLR and I feel most at home in the edit suite.

Let’s make a masterpiece together!

Web Design

Even if you’ve got it going on Socials wise, today’s consumers want to find what they’re looking for in seconds. If you don’t have a website, you stand no chance of appearing on Google’s search engine results and if your customers aren’t searching the ‘gram, how the hell are they going to find you?

Whether you need a single page site with just your contact deets, a downloadable service menu, a site that tells your whole story or an ecommerce set up, I can help you get your business online today.

Event Stationery

Please see our sister from another mister at Whole Lotta Love event stationery.



I get all up in your business, find out your hopes and dreams, see where you’re at and where you want to be. You then complete a brief, which will give me the inside track as to your personal style/likes and dislikes and I start to build a solid idea of what will work for you.



No one likes talking about the money side of things, but it’s a necessary evil, I can’t maintain this level of amazingness for free! This is the point where you hand over some dollar dollar bills to secure your design.



I take your brief and get busy researching, brainstorming, checking out your brand’s positioning and get up close and personal with your target audience.



This is where I do what I do best. Take pencil to paper and mouse to cursor and start designing based on your brief, my research and your wish list. I’ll then submit to you for review.



Best case scenario – there’s a concept you adore, you don’t need any changes and we can all fist pump and give each other high fives.

Alternatively, there might be a design that you like, but would prefer to see reworked before you’re willing to invest in those brand spanking new, foil printed, 600gsm super luxe business cards… so we lather, rinse, repeat the process until you’re 100% sold.



Once you’re head over heels in L.O.V.E. with your shiny new branding, I take final payment, you receive your final files and your business is ready to make its final transformation from perfectly functional caterpillar to badass butterfly and take the world by storm.

Right Fit

As much as I’d like to think I look amazing in denim cut offs, deep down, I know this ain’t true and no matter what I do to try and change that fact, truth is truth, and denim cut offs are not for everyone.

Still with me?  It’s about to pay off…

Finding your dream designer is a bit like my cut off dilemma.  Don’t try to wear the shorts because everyone else is wearing the shorts.  Take a stand, do what’s right for you.  Get to know who you are and who your business is and find a designer that suits your style.

Take your time, have a squiz at my projects, ask me questions, decide for yourself if I’m the right fit for your project.  Maybe I am, and maybe I’m not.  Because the last thing I want to be doing is telling you repeatedly to wear the damn cut offs when all you really want is the ball gown.

xx Kandice