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Pixel Ink Paper Heart is a small design studio with big ideas.

An alternative to dealing with the bureaucracy and big business attitude that often come hand in hand with large agencies – Pixel Ink Paper Heart offers a flexible alternative – providing pixel perfect, creative, considered design and marketing solutions for small to medium businesses.


Are you?

In the early stages of your biz hustle and struggling to siphon your potentially amazing ideas and 2am epiphanies out of your cerebellum and into something concrete?


Have you?

Already been low-key slaying it, but outgrowing that $25 Fiver logo and ready to level up, look the part and start attracting your ideal clients?


Do you?

Have current branding collateral that just isn’t reflecting the actual awesomeness of your business and you’re ready to fix it?

Kandice Richardson

Rad Lady Genius

Hi! I’m Kandice! Indiscriminate Lover of food. Stationery devotee. Traveller. Pisces.

I’m the rad lady genius behind Pixel Ink Paper Heart and I am super excited to meet you!

I read once that the second most visited page on most websites is the About page. My last website didn’t have an About Me page, but I have heard that 98.7% of first time customers make a decision on whether or not to work with someone based on whether or not food is mentioned in the first paragraph of their bio…

Two of the above statements are true and one is a lie. Can you guess which?

Considering I’ve already got the food mention out of the way (in the first line no less!) – this is the part where I bare my soul to the internet in the hopes that something here will resonate with you, dear ideal customer, the last puzzle piece will slide into place and we can go forth, confident that we have something fundamental in common and make true magic together.

Looking back it’s no surprise that this is where I ended up. As a little’un, growing up in Central QLD, every cent of my pocket money was spent on lettersets, stickers, erasers and other fun and fancy stationery items – Smiggle may not have been invented yet, but if it had been, it would’ve been my tiny self’s Mecca.

Fast forward through my teenage years (not a great deal to tell, although I managed to amass a pretty serious CD collection, so you know I made the most of it) add 18 years of working for the man – the Advertising/Media man, across multi-medium regional and national campaigns for some brilliant clients from fashion to banking and from city councils to livestock (yes – I do know the difference between a Brahman and a Charolais Bull – do you?) and if I have my maths right, we land in 2016.

2016, the year I dragged my puppy loving, statement earring wearing self, back to south-east QLD and made the life changing decision to go it alone.

Cue the birth of Pixel Ink Paper Heart. Now in its third year, I’m enjoying the freedom of doing my own thing without limitation. Meeting amazing people, who are doing incredible things with their own businesses and being able to help and support these small to medium businesses in building their brands.

If you’re not hooked after that narrative there’s really not much else I can do, but if you’ve come this far there must have been something here that piqued your interest! If you’re looking for help with your brand collateral, and you think we might be a good fit, hit me up – I love a chat and there’s actually nothing I would love better than to use my super skills to skyrocket your business.

Well that or hang out with my BFF, pup Maisie and mainline Buffalo Mozzarella…

Kandice Richardson
Kandice Richardson