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Practical Nutrition and Wellness

Branding Health and Wellness New

Practical Nutrition and Wellness

Who is Practical Nutrition and Wellness?
Amanda was launching her new brand. Practical Nutrition and Wellness aims to solve people’s problems by making healthy eating achievable, affordable and simple. Amanda wants to work with people wherever they’re at on their ‘journey’ toward better health. The wellness refers to a holistic approach to health and she strongly believes that no single thing will work in isolation. She felt like there’s too much information around today and many people are confused or overwhelmed about what to eat. At the same time, cooking skills and time to shop and prepare are decreasing while allergies, intolerances, new dietary styles and chronic illnesses are increasing.

The Brief -
Amanda's wish list included simplicity and clean lines with muted dusty tones and her ideal customer. Amanda's ideal client (simplified) is female, in her 30s to 50s, busy with work and/or family.


Art Direction, Branding, Digital Assests

  • Date

    September 21, 2019

  • Skills

    Art Direction, Branding, Illustration

  • Client

    Practical Nutrition and Wellness

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