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Seetha Louise

Beauty New

Seetha Louise

Who is Seetha Louise?
Seetha is a well know beauty therapist and cosmetic tattooer in Gippsland Victoria. Seetha prides herself on her personally tailored approach to providing quality services and up to date training, using the latest technology and equipment and the highest quality products. Cosmetic Tattooing has given her the opportunity to make people feel good about their appearance, increasing their confidence and self-esteem, while doing what she loves most. “There is no greater gift than making people smile”

The Brief -
Seetha recently merged her two business into one and moved location after 24 years. Both of Seetha's brands are well known in Traralgon but she felt she needed to bring them both under the one name to reduce confusion and to save time. Creating content for two businesses across 2 platforms is a full time job within itself. Seetha felt that while she didn't dislike her current brands she felt they could do with a a facelift. Seetha's ideal client (simplified) is female, in her 30s to 50s, likes the finer things in life and perfers quality over quantity. They are busy ladies who love to visit as it's a sanctuary away from everyday life.


Rebrand, Art Direction

  • Date

    April 1, 2020

  • Skills

    Logo Design, Illustration, Signage, Printed Collateral

  • Client

    Seetha Louise

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